News: Breast Cancer Awareness Session: FSR

“Pink is bold, pink is bright,
Let’s make a decision to live and fight!”

A month after the dazzling lights of the pro shows faded, Team FSR proved that Festember is more than just a college cultural fest. With October marking the Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Festember Social Responsibility Team in association with City Union Bank organized a session in favor of the cause on October 27, 2016.

The seminar was taken up by Dr. Yamini from the Tiruchirappalli based Harshamitra Superspeciality Cancer Centre and Research Institute. Breast cancer is currently the leading cause of cancers among women worldwide with approximately 1.7 million new cases being detected in 2012. With awareness as the trident in fighting this global burden, the event aimed at educating young adults on the symptoms, detection and preventive measures of the cancerous tumors. Busting an umpty number of myths, the seminar enlightened the students on latest developments on cancer treatment procedures, facilities available at the respective hospital and cited to the surprise of the audience, the lesser known cases of male breast cancer. With the proper awareness, diet, early detection and (only in the case of cervical cancer) even preventive vaccines, cancer can be defeated.

– Snigdha Nagarajan



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