DAAD Diaries: Pradeep Kumar

During my internship, I worked under Dr. Stefan Muthmann at Forshungzentrum, Juelich.

My project was to analyse the fabrication and electrical characterization of tandem solar cells built with earth abundant Nano particles like Bismuth Oxide. Voltage current characteristics and thermo- electric measurement were performed and solar cells were fine-tuned accordingly. Expensive and sophisticated equipment were utilised for this analysis. High safety for Nano wastes were provided unlike that in India (where only preliminary safety is provided). Professors were friendly and helpful. From doctorates to students, all had their lunch together. There was half an hour of physical activity every day after lunch.

Language was not a problem as most of the professors knew English. But the group meetings were in German and they would switch to English when I was present. They were extremely polite and sincere. I had scientific discussions with the doctorates, get together grill parties, friendly football matches etc. I visited 10 countries during that time. Mount Titalis in Swiss, Paris, Rome and Venice were a few among the countries that I visited. We got stranded on the streets in Bratislava as we couldn’t get accommodation for the night, because of which we spent three hours in a night restaurant and two hours on the freezing streets. The entire experience was both exhilarating and informative.

Pradeep Kumar


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